About us – Story of Wooden toys makers in Australia

We are Australian company based in Melbourne. And we are passionate about create an eco – organic, good quality, wooden toys for your kids and their parents

We love to make our little chefs, doctors, mechanics and fashion stylists even happier then they are. And, as a result, we built this small toy store, so now your kids do not have to choose their profession. Now they can be master chef and mechanic at the same time, if they want to!

It is great, isn’t it?

So, we are welcome everyone to visit our online store and choose a great gift for your kid, brather or sister, for kids of your friends and colleagues. All kids will be happy to have a new toy and their parents do not have to worry about the environment

Our Next Steps

As a growing Wooden toys company based in Australia, we are planning to build and sell more and more products for little Madam and Monsieur. We just want to provide products with the best quality in the quickest period of time

We know, we will achive all our goals! And we just ask you for your support!

If you like our products and customer service, we kindly ask you to leave a feedback by clicking the button below! You also can leave a review to products in our shop

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